What MyHealtheVault can do for you

MyHealtheVault makes it easier to manage your fitness and health, and help you achieve a greater level of fitness for your body, mind, and spirit. It offers a way to store fitness and health information from many sources together, so that your information is always organized and available to you electronically anywhere, anytime, any format.

With an integrated and complete picture of your fitness and health, you can work with respective professionals to make more informed decisions and improve the quality of your life.

Information stored under MyHealtheVault can be accessed securely by you and/or your designated delegates. You decide what level of activities (for example, view, modify, etc.) should be allowed to your designated delegates on your information.

Please stay tooned as additional information is coming soon. You can write to us for additional information or to express your interest in MyHealeVault..

  • Setting the new standards in maintenance and desemination of medical and fitness information and records.
  • Transforming lives around the world to the next greater level.
  • To be the best professional company for our customers and members for Elctronic Health Record as well as for Elctronic Fitness Record.
  • Commitment: Transforming our customer's business through the creation of multi-channel experiences that inspire and strengthen dynamic connections among people, businesses, partner channels, and communities.
  • Best People: Attracting and mentoring the best talent for our business, stretching their creativity and developing a "can do" attitude.
  • Value Creation: Enhancing our customer's business performance, developing long-term mutually favourable relationships, and focusing on execution excellence and customor ROI.
  • Science and technology have great potential to improve lives in our society and around the world.
  • We advocate - vigorously but responsibly - in our area of focus.
  • We must be humble and mindful in our action and words. We seek and heed the counsel of outside voices.