Welcome to MyHealtheVault

Prevention is the best cure of any abnormal conditions. Take control of your health and fitness (of your body, mind, and spirit) and make informed decisions to minimize the possibilities of abnormal health conditions. Lead a healthy and happy life.

This is the future site of MyHealtheVault that will let you ...

  • Organize your health and fitness information, everything in one place; and track your progress on a continual basis.
  • Learn healthy fitness activities for your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Track your fitness activities and their effects on you.
  • Organize your health information, from various sources, into one place.
  • Simplify your life and have your fitness and health information available to you anywhere, anyway, and on any platform.
  • Enhance your insite with data and related information.

The complete site is under construction. If you would like to become a part of the innovation, or have any comments/suggestions, please write to us.

  • Setting the new standards in maintenance and desemination of medical and fitness information and records.
  • Transforming lives around the world to the next greater level.
  • To be the best professional company for our customers and members for Elctronic Health Record as well as for Elctronic Fitness Record.
  • Commitment: Transforming our customer's business through the creation of multi-channel experiences that inspire and strengthen dynamic connections among people, businesses, partner channels, and communities.
  • Best People: Attracting and mentoring the best talent for our business, stretching their creativity and developing a "can do" attitude.
  • Value Creation: Enhancing our customer's business performance, developing long-term mutually favourable relationships, and focusing on execution excellence and customor ROI.
  • Science and technology have great potential to improve lives in our society and around the world.
  • We advocate - vigorously but responsibly - in our area of focus.
  • We must be humble and mindful in our action and words. We seek and heed the counsel of outside voices.